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The Price of a Bib

To most Americans, the word “bib” conjures up thoughts of mashed peas strewn about a messy kitchen. To William Hicks, Kenneth Harms, and other professional golf (PGA Tour) caddies, however, bibs have been a reviled piece of their profession. Now, however, the logo-laden bibs might be a cash cow.

What Have We Been Doing

Ryan - This last quarter has been a busy and exciting time for Ryan.  First and foremost, Ryan, his wife, Kari, and daughter, Gabriella (Gabi), are happy to announce that they will be welcoming a new baby to their family in March of next year.  They don’t know the gender yet, but will know by the next issue and will be sure to announce it.  Professionally, Ryan continues to

A Thirty Percent Chance

Here's a stat for you:  in 2011 the Social Security Administration stated that a 20-year-old has a 30% chance of being disabled and unable to work for six months or longer prior to reaching retirement age.

It's an interesting thought actually - not because the topic itself is all that fascinating.  But simply because for something typically so far on the back burner it's almost off the stove, the chances of it happening to either you, your spouse, or your best friend is almost a statistical lock.

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