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Back and Neck Injuries

Where are Your Alternatives?

It's been a little while since we visited the topic of alternative investments.  In the last piece, published in January, we tried to wrap our arms around what the term 'alternative' really means.  Today we're going to look at how alternatives are actually used.  While the focus is on the asset side of the equation (as opposed to the strategy side), this snapshot can give you an idea of how real world investors position alternatives in their portfolios.

One thing I wanted to point out is that there are some alternatives that can not or should not be used in certain parts of your portfolio.  For example, collectibles are generally an outright no-no in your IRA. Also, while limited partnerships are allowed, they are fraught with peril in IRAs due to a tax term called Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI), which could subject the IRA to current taxation.

Independent Medical Exams (IME): What are they and any tips?

An independent medical exam is usually requested by either the driver’s PIP provider or by the other driver’s insurance company. The exam is conducted by a specialist, usually a doctor, who is hired by an insurance company. The purpose of the exam is to determine whether the client’s treatment is reasonable to treat his or her condition.

Chiropractic Treatment – Traditional vs. Pro Adjuster

Many individuals who have been involved in car accidents visit a chiropractor to help treat their injuries.  In fact, the majority of my clients have seen the most progress from this form of treatment.

Minimal property damage does not mean minimal injuries

I was speaking with a Seattle chiropractor, Dr.

Searching for a Needle in a Stack of Needles: Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney

After you’ve decided that you need a personal injury attorney, you have to decide which one to select. Although there are thousands of attorneys practicing personal injury law in the Bellevue and Seattle area, the following should help you narrow your search to the best person who can represent you.

I don’t have PIP or UM coverage, or do I?

Many people don’t know what type of insurance benefits they have under their automobile policy until an accident occurs.  Two of the most important benefits under any automobile policy are Personal Injury Protection (commonly referred to as “PIP”) and Underinsured Motorist Insurance (commonly referred to as “UM”).

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