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Seahawks v. 49ers Game to Resolve Dispute? Possible but not Probable

How confident are you that the Seahawks will beat the 49ers on December 8?  One Northwest Business owner is so confident that he is betting his entire company on it.  You might ask, well who would consider that bet?  The answer:  the company suing him.

The IRA Cheat Sheet for 2013

We're just a month away from the mid-year point, believe it or not.  As a half-time refresher of sorts, I wanted to share some information on all things IRA.  The following infographic from Max Retire Rules covers the high-points on the four types of IRA - Roth, Traditional, Simple, and SEP

The nice thing about this piece is that in addition to covering the basics of how each IRA functions, there is also updated limit information for 2013.  This can come in handy as you contemplate your contributions now or in the future for the 2013 tax year.

Who's Getting Married?

According to American Express nearly one out of three adults is attending a wedding this year - so there’s a decent chance you have an answer to our title question.

This is a little off of the beaten path, but interesting none the less.  I came across this inforgraphic put together by American Express breaking down all things wedding, from a dollars and cents standpoint.

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