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Chiropractic Treatment – Traditional vs. Pro Adjuster

Many individuals who have been involved in car accidents visit a chiropractor to help treat their injuries.  In fact, the majority of my clients have seen the most progress from this form of treatment.

I’ve met with a few chiropractors and found there are at least two forms of common treatment:  traditional and Pro Adjuster.  Traditional chiropractic treatment is the most common and consists of physical adjustments to the spine.  The goal of the adjustment is to reduce vertebral subluxation which is a condition that occurs as a result of a misaligned spinal segment.

Like traditional chiropractic, Pro Adjuster also treats vertebral subluxation.  The Pro Adjuster is a tool which the doctor applies to specific areas of the body to determine what areas to treat.  After determining the treatment area, the Pro Adjuster tool than applies pressure to that area to increase the mobility of the spinal segments. The Pro Adjuster differs from traditional chiropractic because instead of relying on the doctor’s judgment as to what areas are damaged, the Pro Adjuster measures precise levels of damage and then treats accordingly.

From a practical perspective it seems that the Pro Adjuster would appeal to individuals who are skeptical of physical adjustments.  Because the Pro Adjuster tool applies pressure only to a limited area there are no major adjustments which the chiropractor must make when treating the patient.

Personally, I haven’t experienced Pro Adjuster treatment, but the next time I visit my chiropractor I am going to give it a shot.

To learn more about Pro Adjuster please see the following link:http://www.proadjusterlifestyle.com/index.php?do=chiropractic#section1.

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Ryan Pauley

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