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Washington Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a motor vehicle crash can be devastating. While the accident itself and the injuries caused by the accident are more than enough for a victim to handle, trying to deal with the insurance companies yourself, and advocating your legal rights and responsibilities arising out of an accident yourself, can make it worse. 

Victims of motor vehicle accidents need to hire skilled personal injury lawyers as soon as they can. There will often be the need to take quick action following an accident to preserve and protect the victim's rights. Evidence at an accident scene, such as skid marks, can fade away shortly after the accident. Likewise, the extent of injuries sustained by the victim can fade over time. There may be a need to take certain photographs that preserve crucial evidence, and a skilled trial lawyer can recognize such needs and respond to them quickly. There may also be a need to interview witnesses while their recollections are fresh in their minds. There is always the need to document significant events, such as missed days from work.

The insurance company for the driver who caused the accident will certainly be very experienced in dealing with claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents. They will be very well prepared for the prospect of a claim being made by the victim from the moment they are notified about the accident. These insurance companies will often ask the injured party to give a tape-recorded statement. If you are ever asked to give one, you should refuse any such request. Such a recorded statement is only for the benefit of the insurance company and not you.

Similarly, many insurance companies will ask the injured victim to provide them with a general medical release. Such a release allows the insurance company to obtain any of your medical records, regardless of whether they are related to the accident or not. More often than not, the insurance companies of the driver that caused the accident will NOT pay for your medical expenses caused by the crash. They are under no legal obligation to do so until there is a resolution of the entire claim. On the other hand, the insurance on the vehicle in which you were a passenger or which you were driving may have medical payment coverage which insures the immediate payment of your medical expenses up to their limits of coverage, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

There are potentially numerous things that need to be done to protect your legal rights following a motor vehicle crash. At Pauley Law Group, pllc we have handled many cases arising out of motor vehicle accidents here in Washington over the years.  Contact Pauley Law Group, pllc and put experience on your side.


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