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How do I know if I need an attorney?

If circumstances arise that make you believe you may need an attorney, it is best not to make the decision on your own, but to contact an attorney and obtain a professional opinion.  Ryan Pauley is an attorney and can be reached at 206-684-9454.

How much do attorneys charge?

The type of attorney’s fee depend on the nature of your case. In some instances attorneys charge only a contingency fee. This means that there are no upfront attorney fees and that the attorney will receive a percentage of any settlement he or she recovers for you. In a contingency fee situation, if you recover nothing, your attorney receives no fees from you. In contrast, an attorney may charge you a flat fee, an hourly rate and/or require you to pay a retainer. These fees are most common in defense work and business related matters. Before beginning any representation, the attorneys at the Pauley Law Group, pllc will disclose all fees related to your representation, what options you have regarding the type of fees applicable to your case and answer any questions you may have.

If I obtain representation, do I have control over my legal affairs?

Yes. You, the client, decide the purpose and the objectives of the representation. These decisions include whether to proceed with a trial and whether to accept or reject a settlement offer. You and the attorney will decide the means and the tactical decisions to achieve your objectives. However, most procedural decisions are made by your attorney, but you will often be consulted on those issues. Pauley Law Group, pllc, follows these principals to ensure efficient and exceptional representation for you.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

The length of your case depends on the individual facts and parties involved. Simple legal issues, such as drafting a document, may be completed within a few days. However, more complicated issues that could involve going to court could take several months. Fortunately, alternatives to court are often available and these options will always be explored and considered by our attorneys.

How often should my attorney communicate with me?

An attorney should keep you reasonably informed about the status of your case. There are no set times when an attorney must update you on the status of your case, but you should be kept informed of significant developments as they occur. Pauley Law Group, pllc takes this aspect of representation seriously.

Can I pay legal fees with my credit card?

The simple answer is yes, you can pay fees using a credit. However, depending on the nature of your case, no upfront fees may be required.  For example, if you have a personal injury claim those fees are paid on a contingency fee as explained above. Therefore there is no need to pay any fees out of pocket in that context. Please contact Pauley Law Group, pllc, and they will explain how fees will be billed and earned on your case.

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