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Pauley Law Group, pllc is a law practice that is run and managed by Seattle attorney Ryan J. Pauley. The firm represents individuals and families in personal injury cases, primarily those involving motor vehicle crashes. No personal injury case is too big or too small for our firm. We represent clients with cases that involve minor property damage as well as wrongful death actions and all personal injury type cases between those extremes. We also advise small and medium size businesses in a variety of matters including litigation and providing general counsel services.  

Our firm's motto is "Level and Resolve" because that phrase describes the mission of our practice and exactly what we do for our clients.  Our first goal when representing any of our clients is to “level” the playing field with their adversary.  Many times before retaining our services, our clients find themselves with an injury or legal situation that was caused by someone with unlimited resources like an insurance company, government agency or a national company or group of companies. These entities normally have very little, or no sympathy, for our clients’ well-being or the losses they have experienced.  Because of their adversaries’ resources and lack of concern, our clients find themselves at a significant disadvantage.  Put another way, our clients often find themselves on an uneven playing field with their adversaries.   Our firm's presence immediately provides our clients with a skilled attorney who will fight for them and who is committed to explaining, pursuing and protecting our their needs.  Once we get into the picture for our clients, the playing field levels. 

“Resolve” is the next realistic step for our clients once the playing field is leveled.  Our attorneys firmly believe that communication is the key to success in this process.  First, and most importantly, resolving a client’s case requires complete communication with our client to understand his/her needs and concerns and expectations.  Once we understand our client and what is needed, we can then effectively advocate for our client against his/her adversary in an attempt to persuade it to resolve the case in favor of our client without involving the court system.  If the matter cannot be resolved between our client and their adversary outside of court, we will take our client’s case for resolution to the state or federal court system. Those are playing fields where we have considerable experience.


In a nutshell, we "level and resolve" cases for our clients and their families, whether it be in or out of the courtroom.  


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