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Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is a painful and difficult human experience. If a family member's death is due to the negligent or careless conduct of someone or some company, the loss is even more tragic and senseless. Unpaid medical and funeral expenses, lost income and despair can all interfere with a family's ability to cope and to heal from such a tragic and significant loss.

Although the loss of life can never be replaced, Pauley Law Group, pllc can help you receive compensation for the financial and emotional losses your family has suffered.

Surviving Spouses and Children of Those that Die Due to Negligent and Careless Conduct

Washington's wrongful death statute allows for compensation to the wife, husband and children (legal beneficiaries) for monetary losses and loss of consortium (companionship, love, affection) due to the death of their family member. The claim for these damages is made by the personal representative (person appointed by a probate court) to handle the decedent's affairs and estate.

In addition, the decedent also has a claim against the persons or companies responsible for his or her death. These are legal claims brought under Washington's general survival statute for damages (compensation for losses). These claims are also brought by the decedent's personal representative for certain beneficiaries which can include parents, sisters and brothers if they were financially dependent upon the decedent for their support.

Wrongful Death Damages

Recovery by the person's estate and beneficiaries can include the following:

General damages for pain, suffering, anxiety, emotional distress and humiliation suffered by the decedent;
Past health care and funeral expenses;
Loss of earnings of the decedent;
Loss of consortium to the surviving spouse; and
Children's loss of consortium.

Also other recoverable damages may exist, as well as other persons who are entitled to recover under these laws. This is a complex area of law that requires special skill and a thorough review of your case and its unique facts to determine all legal claims and appropriate damages and Pauley Law Group, pllc can help you with these issues.

What You Need to Know

Insurance companies and corporations who may be financially responsible for your family member's death will typically begin to work against you and your claim immediately.

Consulting with an attorney early in the process, like one of us at Pauley Law Group, pllc can ensure that your rights are protected and that the evidence to support your claim is preserved.

What You Should Do

Have an experienced attorney review any paperwork you are asked to sign, BEFORE you sign it;

Do not allow insurance company or corporate agents to visit with you or come to the home of the lost family member;

Refuse to give statements to insurance companies or agents representing the person or company who caused your family member's death;

Determine and locate whether the decedent had a Will;

Determine all insurance policies or death benefits that are available to you; and contact the Pauley Law Group, pllc office for a further information and a confidential consultation.

Taking Action to Protect Your Rights

If you or someone you know in the Seattle area or anywhere within Washington State needs legal representation or the trusted legal advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact Pauley Law Group, pllc today at 206-684-9454, or complete the contact form provided on this site to begin your free consultation with a skilled Washington injury attorney.

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