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Independent Medical Exams (IME): What are they and any tips?

An independent medical exam is usually requested by either the driver’s PIP provider or by the other driver’s insurance company. The exam is conducted by a specialist, usually a doctor, who is hired by an insurance company. The purpose of the exam is to determine whether the client’s treatment is reasonable to treat his or her condition. If the specialist finds that the treatment is unnecessary, then benefits are typically cancelled. Conversely, if the specialist determines that treatment is necessary, the client’s benefits will likely continue.

The question which most clients ask is “How do I prevent the doctor from determining my treatment is unnecessary?” Unfortunately, there is no way to change the examiner’s opinion; however, there are a few things you can do to make sure the results are fair. First, be honest. If you try to exaggerate your condition to prolong treatment, chances are the doctor is going to catch you. As you can imagine, this does not reflect positively on you or your case. Second, be very specific when you explain the treatment you are receiving. This helps the examiner determine if other forms of treatment might be helpful.

Although the IME might not produce the result you were hoping for, these tips will at least help you receive a fair examination.

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