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Can’t Get Something for Nothing – Modifying a Contract

A friend recently explained an interesting situation to me that I think is quite common.  He/she entered into a valid contract with his/her employer.  A few weeks later the employer added additional terms to the agreement which my friend reluctantly agreed to.

Employees Working a Little Harder for the Weekend

I think there is a lot of truth to the song  by Loverboy.

So much for being a hero

If you read the Seattle Times today (Saturday, August 01, 2009) you probably saw the article about the bank teller who was fired after he foiled a bank robbery and apprehended the thief.  The legal part of my brain understands why Key Bank has this policy, but the other part would rather see the employee get a medal as opposed to a pink slip.

Rooney Rule

It’s that time of year again in the NFL. No, I’m not referring to the playoffs, but the hiring and firing of coaches who couldn’t cut it.

If you’ve been following the hiring and firing of coaches such as Jim Mora from the Seattle Seahawks or Jim Zorn of the Washington Redskins, you’ve no doubt heard the commentators bring up the Rooney Rule.

Sterling Financial: What happened?

Last week, an employee lawsuit filed against Spokane-based Sterling Financial was dropped. The plaintiff in the case said he never agreed to any involvement and did not give permission for his name to be used by attorneys.

Hiring Decisions Based on Credit Reports

If you’ve applied for a job, the employer may have pulled your credit report as a part of the application process. Although this is a common hiring procedure many WA state employers and employees are unaware of state laws regulating and prohibiting this practice.

Hiring Interns: Great resource but not free

Interns are a great resource for a company. They are generally thirsty for knowledge, willing to work hard to prove themselves, and oh yes, willing to work for cheap or even nothing. At least I was when I was in law school. Although the intern might be willing to work for nothing that doesn’t mean a “for profit” business doesn’t have to pay him or her.

What’s mine is mine! – Bringing your clients with you after you leave your employer.

I have a three year-old niece who, like most kids her age, thinks everything belongs to her no matter what it is. Don’t get me wrong, she is the sweetest girl out there, but she’s three, so naturally everything belongs to her. The last time we were visiting with her, she grabbed my blackberry, yelled “Mine”, and frowned when I took it from her a few minutes later.

Top Ten Reasons Why to Have a Non-Compete and Why Non-Competes Fail

As you can tell, we use this blog to help educate our visitors on the areas of law that we practice. The majority of this information was created by our attorneys, but occasionally we stumble across an article or two that we find useful and would like to share with others.

“Bridesmaids” and Employment Law – Yes, I’ve managed to find a link between the two.

Employment law is all around us.  So much so, examples of it can even be found in the movie ”Bridesmaids ”.  Last week, I went to happy hour with my wife and some of her female co-workers/friends.  During the conversation, it came up that I was taking her to ”Bridesmaids” on her birthday.&nbs

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