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Clinton’s Emails. Need I Say More?

If you’ve been on the internet, seen a newspaper or flipped on the television or radio in the last 12 months, you’ve seen stories about the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

The Danger Lurking Below: The Importance of a Safe Football Field

It was a clear, warm morning as I drove to work on August 9th.  As I do every morning I was listening to 710 ESPN Radio, specifically Brock and Salk.  I then heard words that terrified me.  “The star received for the Washington State Cougars, Gabe Marks, left practice yesterday limping.  It appeared that he hurt his leg because of field conditions.” 

Have you ever wondered, “What if I need to haul something in an open trailer?”

Recently, Ryan found himself needing to haul a massive play-set for his daughters (Gabi and Winnie) from Yelm all the way to his home in Seattle.  He knew that such a structure would not fit in his car so he decided to rent a trailer to haul the play-set.   Being the responsible and careful person that Ryan is, before renting the trailer, Ryan decided to research Washington law t

The Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy Shouldn’t Discriminate Against Jerks Like Donald Sterling

In the wake of the incidents involving former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, including being banned from the NBA and subject to a fine, the majority of basketball fans and even non-fans have considered his punishments just and warranted.

Is that San Francisco 49er fans’ lawsuit just? Or is it just obnoxious?

We all remember the NFC championship game back in January this year. The game was one of the most intense, exciting and nail-biting games of the season. Our Seahawks managed to beat the San Francisco 49ers, get a Super Bowl berth and then brought home the ultimate football victory! Everyone was happy. Well, not everyone.

Have you ever Wondered – What Happened to the Hawks Fans who Purchased Super Bowl tickets but never received them?

For most football fans in the Pacific Northwest, Super Bowl 49 – which culminated in a goal-line interception depriving the Seahawks of their second-straight world championship – was difficult enough to swallow. But for hundreds of Seahawks fans who traveled to Phoenix hoping to attend the game with tickets they paid for, but that did not actually exist, the pain was twofold.

$500,000 fine for Seattle dog’s loud barking? Blame defendant inattentiveness.

Imagine waking up one morning, $500,000 in debt, all because your dog was a little bit of a loud mouth. Unfortunately for Seattle resident Denise Norton, her dog Cawper’s “explosive barking,” as well as her own inattentiveness to legal proceedings being brought against her in 2012, has put her a half-million in debt.

The Price of a Bib

To most Americans, the word “bib” conjures up thoughts of mashed peas strewn about a messy kitchen. To William Hicks, Kenneth Harms, and other professional golf (PGA Tour) caddies, however, bibs have been a reviled piece of their profession. Now, however, the logo-laden bibs might be a cash cow.

Law 360 post about Overtime

Wells Fargo $15M Wage-Hour Deal 'Overbroad,' Court Told

Share us on: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn By Alex Lawson 0 Comments Law360, New
York (April 01, 2014, 3:18 PM ET) -- A pair of lead plaintiffs in
multidistrict litigation lobbing wage and hour allegations against Wells

What Have We Been Doing

Ryan - This last quarter has been a busy and exciting time for Ryan.  First and foremost, Ryan, his wife, Kari, and daughter, Gabriella (Gabi), are happy to announce that they will be welcoming a new baby to their family in March of next year.  They don’t know the gender yet, but will know by the next issue and will be sure to announce it.  Professionally, Ryan continues to

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